Psychedelic Funk band Gorgeous Gourds combine smooth harmonies, deep tasty grooves, and original songwriting. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Covers include the Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Meters, Pink Floyd, J.J. Cale, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa, Phish, Buffalo Springfield, and Portishead.

   Fred Hayes: vocals, electric bass
   Bad Bob Smith: drums                                                                                                                 Lucas Jones: vocals, lead electric guitar                                                                                 Sarah Little Drum: vocals, electric guitar                                                                             

We would love to play your party or event. We are the gourds, you're gorgeous.
For booking info contact Fred Hayes:  fred@fredhayes.com

The Gorgeous Gourd's just released album (2/22/22) "Peace and Love" reminds us why we go see and hear live music. The band has evolved to a rock solid synergistic quartet of accomplished musicians. Their powerful singing and songwriting is evident on their new CD, with 14 worthy cuts combining an eclectic combination of psychedelic funk, folk, tasty jam grooves, smooth harmonies and soulful ballads. Fred, Lucas, and Sarah all share the artful original songwriting. Iconic KRCL DJ John Florence commented on the new album, "Not a stinker in the bunch!” 

Formed in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2015, founding members are Fred Hayes (bass, vocals), and the strong and steady Bob Smith (drums). Lucas Jones (lead guitar,vocals) provides sublime and often powerful guitar licks and vocals, together with the guitar and joyful dance moves of the dazzling Sarah Little Drum (guitar, vocals) who beautifully fronts the band with her sparkling vocals. 

Whether you enjoy easing into a bluesy flow ride, or getting all the kinks out on the dance floor, the Gorgeous Gourds is the party you'll keep coming back to. The title of their new album "Peace and Love" is a message they spread with unbridled energy and enthusiasm. 

Like they say, "You're Gorgeous, we're the Gourds. Together we are Gorgeous Gourds."

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